How does color temperature affect LED lighting?

The color temperature of a light determines the color of its light. Warm color temperatures (2700K-3000K) appear to have a yellow hue while lights with high color temperatures (5000K) have a blue tint.

Each color temperature has its own unique qualities and uses:

Soft White (2700K)

Soft white lights provide a wonderful warm glow. These color temperature is perfect for living areas or any other place you like to kick back and relax

Bright White (3500K)

Bright white lighting is ideal for any space where detailed work is done. This includes the kitchen, hobby rooms, the garage, and the basement.

Daylight (5000K)

The blue hue of daylight lights is great at encouraging productivity and is tailor made for reading. In addition, the bright light closely imitates natural daylight to create a lively atmosphere.