Sterilization Lamp

    • 500mm 5W UV LED Wardrobe Light Bar
    • 500mm 5W UV LED Wardrobe Light Bar
    • 500mm 5W UV LED Wardrobe Light Bar
    • 500mm 5W UV LED Wardrobe Light Bar
    • 500mm 5W UV LED Wardrobe Light Bar
    • 500mm 5W UV LED Wardrobe Light Bar

    500mm 5W UV LED Wardrobe Light Bar

    Model: SL-UV04-5W
    Category: Sterilization Lamp
    Patent design Under Cabinet LED UV Light Bar with for wardrobe, kitchen, closet, hallway, stairs, cupboard, drawer etc

    This UV LED Light Bar is specially designed for used inside wardrobe for illuminating and clothing sterilization. It's our patent design under Chinese patent No.: 2019222326675. Combined with normal white LED and UVC & UVA LEDs, it can not only be used as normal illumination light bar, but also as sterilization lighting to kill viruses and bacteria. The UV LEDs are imported from Korea with dual wavelength at UVA390nm + UVC260nm, making it more effective to disinfect and so to reduce chances of getting sickness and infection. The built-in human body induction sensor is enable it to work automatically: when people leave for 10s, the UV lamps will on and last for 5 minutes for sterilizing. Made of aluminum with durable structure, the Wardrobe UV LED Light Bar is able to withstand 40kg weight of clothing, suitable for your whole faimily's clothing sterilization. Our LED Wardrobe UV Light Bar is a compact & super slim design that can be used for any limited & low profile space.

    ► Versatile Applications: clothes pole for hanging clothing; UV light to disinfect the wardrobe; normal LED lighting for illumination
    ► White LEDs + UV LEDs for both illumination and sterilization with viruses and bacteria elimination rate up to 99%
    ► Motion Sensor UV LED Cabinet & Wardrobe Light Bar: There is body induction sensor built-in the fixture. When no movement detected for 10 seconds, the UV lamps will be on auto matically and last for 5 minutes for sterilizing.
    ► Intelligent Motion Sensor with highly sensitivity and 120° wide angle sensor, with 3-5M long distance induction distance.
    ► AC100-240V wide range input and DC12V adaptor, safe to human and easy to power up the UV light, one time installation for lifetime use.
    ► Versatile Installations: Side Mounting & Top Mounting with accessories provided, easy to handle and maintainance
    ► Ultra-slim design provides maximum illumination at a minimum footprint, rugged aluminum alloy housing with strong support to ensure long lifetime.

    Hotline: +86-755-29469181

    Specification Dimensions Download Project Video

    Model No. SL-UV04-4W SL-UV04-5W SL-UV04-6W
    Type 400mm 600mm 800mm 
     Power Consumption 4W 5W 6W
     Input Voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
     Output Voltage DC12V
     Charging Port DC connector
     Protection Class I
     White LED 4pcs 2835 SMD 3000K 6pcs 2835 SMD 3000K 8pcs 2835 SMD 3000K
     UV LED UVA (390-395nm) + UVC  (260+280nm)
     LED Lifetime >50000 hrs
     Beam Angle 120°
     Sterilizing time 5 minutes
     Main Material Aluminum Alloy 
     Shell Color  White, Black, Red, Golden
    Dimensions 400*35*18mm
    600*35*18mm 800*35*18mm
     Weight 300g
    400g 500g
     Installation  Side mount or Top mount with accessories
     IP Rating IP44
     Application Killed bacteria: Colibacillus, staphylococcus aureus, chlamydia, gemma, coronavirus, flu virus etc.     
     Working Temp. -20℃~45℃
     Storage Temp. -30℃~50℃
     Humidity 15%-90%RH
     Packing Plain Box or Color Box
     Certification CE ROHS
     Waranty 2 Years
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