How to Use Recessed LED Down Lights?

Recessed LED Downlights are your modern and elegant home or business lighting solutions. Recessed lighting is lighting hidden in plain view. But done so that it makes your space well-lit and looking great. Recessed lights are both highly functional and decorative.

Do you have space where a single ceiling light will not provide the right amount of illumination? And if you use additional lights, it could look cluttered? Do you want to add a modern feel to your room? Then invest in recessed cans.

Here’s how to go about finding the best ways to use recessed lighting in your home or business.

What is Recessed Lighting?

Before we get to that, let’s look at what a recessed downlight is. Recessed lighting is lighting that is installed within the ceiling instead of on it. Because it goes in the ceiling, you need a:

  1. ‘housing’ which is the space in which the bulb fits,
  2. ‘trim’ which is the finished part that sits on the ceiling.

Because the trim sits on the outside and it is the area that you will easily see, it comes in a variety of designs and styles. You, therefore, have many options to choose from which can suit your décor or preferred style. What we like about recessed lighting is that while it covers your need for good lighting, you can add these decorative elements in the trim. And the trims can be chosen based on what best complements your home or office.

Residential & Commercial LED Recessed Downlights

Recessed lights are suitable for both home and business use. So, whether you are renovating your house or business, or constructing a new building, you have options for recessed lights that will fit your new space. Your current room can even be retrofitted with recessed lighting.

When to Use Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can be used:

  • As accent lighting instead of the only lighting in a room
  • for task illumination in bathrooms and kitchens
  • to highlight a specific art or wall piece
  • when you need additional lighting to brighten a room without being obtrusive

How to Choose Recessed Lighting

You can choose your recessed lighting based on what your needs are. And your personal preference for style. You also should know not to go overboard when planning for recessed lighting.

And you should find a quality electrician that specialises in lighting to help you with recessed lighting wiring and installation. They can also help you to identify how best to light an area with these lights.

Then think brand. There are a variety of excellent lighting brands that sell the types of LED downlights you need to make your recessed lights functional and attractive. Your electrician can also help you in this area. He can explain the differences and the which one would best suit your recessed lighting needs. Plus, with a company like Superlight™, you can find the right options for you.

Recessed Lighting vs Ceiling Lights

When you want a clean and uncluttered look, you go for recessed lighting. This is especially important in small rooms where regular ceiling lights can seem intrusive and detract from the elements you would most want to focus on (except if that element is a decorative ceiling light).

Plus, recessed lights can make a room seem larger just by design.

Why LED Recessed Lights

LED lights generally cost you less in energy bills. They are more energy efficient and they last much longer than other types of bulbs. So, instead of paying less for incandescent or fluorescent bulbs that only last a few weeks, invest in quality LED lights that provide better lighting, use less energy, and last much longer.

Ready to take advantage of recessed LED downlights for your space? Give us a call and we can get you started.